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In the heart of Melaka, right in the centre of most famous heritage district, Modern Cave Boutique Homestay welcomes all travellers from worldwide. Modern Cave is meant to be a memorable stay while you visit one of the most prestigious UNESCO world heritage site.

Home consists of space; space that is intended for shelter, a very primitive, fundamental and basic need for human life, an envelope in which one wants to feel safe, protected and comfortable. In the home we live, love and learn. We work, lounge and play. It is a place of refuge. The home has evolved from not only fulfilling the most primitive and basic needs of its users, but has matured into spaces that inspire and enrich the daily life of its inhabitants where function and art merge; where purpose and beauty wed.

Our spacious common area such as the lounge and the terrace area is adequate for every travellers, who are seeking for a place to meet new people and to share their life journey stories.


  • feeling uncomfortable after a long walk at Jonker Street under the hot sun, wish to take a nice shower before heading home?
  • looking for a place to wait for beloved ones, while you can rest, refresh and rejuvenate?
  • Or just simply to catch your routine nap? :P


Come and rest & rejuvenate at our Let's Take a Nap Bar!™

  • Take a hot shower
  • Have a cup of coffee or tea
  • Rest and nap at our nap lounge
  • Available only 12pm - 6pm
    What’s more, is nap time!
  • Each session 2 hours only
    psst...we will wake you up when it's time. :)
  • Call for more information!



NAP bar

Let’s Take a Nap!™

Reading Space

Feel free to grab a book or a magazine and read at any corner in the house. Be comfortable!

24 hours Snack Bar Pantry

Feel like having a cup of coffee, tea or some snacks? No worries our snack bar will be there to serve you at 24 hours.

Kitchen Island

Enjoy your take-away meals with your family and friends here, sharing is caring!

Front Desk Attendant

Need an assistance? Feel free to get some at the front desk.

Terrace Garden

Just relax and enjoy the evening street view at our comfy outdoor lounge chair.